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MANDRUS’ Guide to Cloth Gearing for Alliance (WoW version 3.2.2) 

Or how I hit the hit cap and still went pew pew!

All right, I am certainly no expert, but here goes my guide to getting some sweet DPS cloth loot before going to naxx and beyond. If you are one of those healy type people, you don’t belong here. This guide is for all you ranged DPS people that like to rain death from afar and are very squishy. Warning: I am a mage. That is all I know. The only thing I know about you other clothies is that you roll on the same loot that I do, and I don’t like you for that. That being said most of this guide will be completely relevant for all clothie DPS.

I’m going to break this down into a couple sections:

1. Ranged DPS Gear Basics
2. Throw Some Money At the Problem
3. Good Thing I Have So Much Time to Kill

1. Ranged DPS Gear  Itemization Basics

Many may disagree, but this is my priority in gear stats:
Hit > Spellpower > Haste > Crit > Mp5

Nothing screws your DPS more than missing your target! So hit that hit cap as soon as possible. Now, some may contend that crit is more important than haste, and that is certainly dependent on your play style and talent spec. So feel free to switch Haste and Crit around, but for me haste is boss.

Here is my priority for Attributes. This will be no surprise to most people.
Intellect > Stamina > Spirit

Intellect = more mana = more spells you can kapow enemies out before you need to suck down another mana struedel. So many Calories!

Stamina = less squishyness. But, yeah, no matter what you will still be squishy.

Spirit = USELESS. Well almost useless. As a raiding mage you should be using Molten Armor (with glyph) at all times. So Spirit does equal more crit and some mana regen, but you wouldnt be terribly screwed if you collected no Spirit on your gear. There is a good chance that a lot of the gear you will get will be lousy with spirit, anyways, just don’t go out of your way to stack it.

2. Throw Some Money At the Problem

There are two types of lvl 80s, rich and poor. The rich ones all ready have their epic flyer, maybe a couple mammoths and a brown bear riding mount. This section is for you. If you are poor, skip this section, unless you are a tailor, then you may be interested…

Here is some sweet gear you can either make (as a Tailor or Jewlcrafter) or throw a crap load of money at:
Chest – Ebonweave Robes – Very nice robes. it has everything an aspiring ranged DPS clothie could want. SP, Hit, and no Spirit! Buy it on AH or make it yourself.

Hands – Ebonweave Gloves – again very nice. SP, Hit, and no spirit!

Head – Hat of Wintry Doom – again, a pre naxx clothies dream, look at those sockets!!!!!!!!

Chest – Spellweave Robes – if you allready hit the Hit Cap check out this bad Larry. Haste is soooo sexy.

Hands – Spellweave Gloves – same as the robes. nice haste stats and SP, but no +hit…

Wrist – Black Duskweave Wristwraps – good stats, but no +hit…

Legs – Black Duskweave Leggings – not too bad, combine with the bracers for a little extra SP, but there are much better drops.

Back – Death Chill Cloak a very nice back piece, though no +hit

Back – Wispcloak not as nice as the Death Chill Cloak, but not too bad. no +hit.

For those of you with a bunch of cash you can pick up a ring in dalaran. Once you get the base ring you can pay to upgrade it. To upgrade all the way to the ilvl 226 will be a total of 11,000 gold (thats with no rep discount. I am not sure if Kirin Tor rep applies, but I bet it does). Which is almost as much as an engineer crafted motorcycle. I personally would get bike first, mostly because you can get great rings through badges. Anyways here is the Cloth DPS rings:

Finger – Signet of the Kirin Tor > Inscribed Signet of the Kirin Tor > Etched Signet of the Kirin Tor – They are great rings and act like a back up hearthstone, but that is a lot of cash.

With the additions of new teirs of Raiding in WOLK come new craftin patterns. The Orbs can run pricy on AH, but getting them is the best way to be Raid ready in no time

Ulduar lvl Crafting – Runed Orbs ($$)

Feet – Spellslinger’s Slippers – Nice gem sockets and Runed Orbs are relativley affordable. A bunch of haste.

Feet – Savior’s Slippers – Again nice sockets, the only real difference from above is crit instead of haste.

Waist – Sash of Ancient Power – Hit and Haste and No Spirit? Yes Please!

Waist – Cord of the White Dawn – Spirit and Crit mean Healer gear usually but its a fine belt anyways.

ToC lvl Crafting – Crusader Orbs ($$$)

Horde and Alliance get different names and colors but the same stats and mats. I am linking the Alliance items, cause thats how I roll.

Chest – Royal Moonshroud Robe – Crit and Spirit, but so many sockets! and a great socket bonus too!

Chest – Merlin’s Robe – but this is where its at! OMG look at those stats – Clothie DPS dream come true!

Wrist – Royal Moonshroud Bracers – again healer stuff, but Its better than blues!

Wrist – Bejeweled Wizard’s Bracers – Drool worthy! The bracers version of the Merlin’s Robes.


Neck – Titantium Spellshock Necklace – won’t help you with +hit, but it got a nice socket and some decent stats.

Finger – Titantium Spellshock Ring – again, no hit, but nice stats and a red socket to boot.

Finger – Ring of Northern Tears – not fantastic, but thats very nice +hit.

BOE DROPS – check AH for em.

Shoulders – Dark Runic Mantle Drops in Halls of Stone trash mobs, but can be found on AH a lot. No +hit but still nice.

Off Hand – Prison Manifest – no +hit but still nice.

So, what happens when you are poor? The rich AH, the poor Grind…

3. Good Thing I Have So Much Time to Kill

Reputation Rewards

We will start off with Rep rewards by faction. So grab yourself a Tabard and get to it! Its always better to hit up heroics while championing, you get more rep per kill, but for now, just stick to the lvl 80 regular dungeons there are a couple drops for you anyways. I tried to put them in order of Priority.

Kirin Tor
These guys are the Ranged DPS’s best friend. They have great rewards including the best pre naxx dagger around. It pretty easy to get Rep with them. The Kirin Tor should be the first faction you rep grind with. Look at these beauties:

1 handed sword – Flameheart Spell Scalpel – this is why the Kirin Tor Rock! +hit, tons of Sp, crit and no spirit. its pretty cool looking to boot! Plus you can get it at revered!

Chest – Robes of Crackling Flame – You have to get exalted with them but its worth it. No +hit, but everything else is great.

Back – Shroud of Dedicated Research Very nice back peice, and you only have to be honored! No +hit, but its pretty nice!

Don’t forget to pick up Arcanum of Burning Mysteries while your at it.

Wyrmrest Accord
This is a decent faction to Rep with, there are a couple of good rewards…

Belt – Sash of the Wizened Wyrm – this is the real reason to grind rep with Wyrmrest. +hit, SP and great attributes. Best part is – you can get it at honored. If you don’t grind rep very far with them, at least get to honored.

Feet – Sandals of Crimson Fury – no +hit, but everything else screams “wear me!” Dont forget to pick up your socks of red anger. its too cold in Northrend to wear sandals with no socks…

Wrist – Ancestral Sinew Wristguards No super great, but pretty good. no +hit.

Also the Arcanum of Blissful mending is a decent head enchant…

Not to bad of a faction. I enjoyed all the questing i did for them, and there are some pretty good rewards…

1 Handed Mace – Totemic Purification Rod – decent for a shadow priest. good SP and haste….

Chest – Turtle-Minders Robe – very nice robe with +hit and SP. and you can get it at honored.

Knights of the Ebon Blade
The best part of repping with these chaps is their awesome tabard.

Waist – Belt of Dark Mending – No +hit, but still very nice!

Back – Dark Soldier Cape – +hit and decent SP. this is a steal, and you only need Honored with em.

The Oracles
These guys are great. I enjoy the dailies 9though i hate finding the shiny treaures. Totally worth grinding for if only for Mysterious Egg and a chance to get a green-protodrake or some sweet non combat pets. But the yoke will probably be on you.

Trinket – Oracle talisman of Ablution – pretty nice trinket. good crit and the mana reward is nice.

Belt – Fishy Cinch – pretty good belt, no +hit and wasted spirit, plus, it kinda smells…

Wand – Shinygem Rod – pretty good wand, though there are some better ones with hit…

Frenzyheart Tribe
Only thing more annoying then the oracles are the Frenzyheart tribe. but if you like em then check these out:

Trinket – Frenzyheart Insignia of Fury – A very nice trinket. haste and crit! Almost makes it worth it…

Hands – Muddied Crimson Gloves – the muddied part is that stoopid spirit…

Sons of Hodir
The Sons of Hodir hate clothies, but the dailies are fun and net you around 120g in only an hour or so work. Plus they have Really nice Shoulder enchants this Rep Grind is totally worth it, plus the story is great.

Shoulder Enchant – Greater Inscription of the Storm

Argent Crusade
There is only one thing these guys give you, but it’s not bad.

Finger – Signet of Hopeful Light – it may sound sissy, but its a pretty decent ring.

Alliance Vanguard
Good luck with the rep for these guys. Its a long road, but there is a couple okay rewards.

Off Hand – orb of the Eastern Kindgoms – A nice Off hand item. good haste and SP

Wand – Gnomish Magician’s Quill – Pretty good wand…

Allright! That wraps up Reputation Rewards! Now lets look at non heroic dungeon drops:

Non-Heroic Dungeon Drops

Crusaders’ Coliseum: Trial of the Champion
As soon as you turn 78 farm the hell out of this instance. There is no quicker way to get great gear by running instances.  And you can do it over and over and over untill you get all the gear you could want.

Neck – Brilliant Hailstone Amulet – great hit and a sweet socket.

Waist – Belt of the Churning Blaze – even more hit! now with less spirit!

Waist – The Confessor’s Binding – Meh, more healing gear, but better than a blue!

Wrist – Bindings of the Wicked – hit and crit cant go bad!

Wrist – Handwraps of Surrendered Hope – Kinda healer gear but a nice red socket .

Legs – Leggings of the Haggard Apprentice – Some decent pantaloons, but their spirit needs to be broken.

Shoulders – Mantle of Inconsolable Fear – Everything you could want except hit!

Finger – Signet of Purity – some spirit on it, but its a nice ring.

Trinket – Abyssal Rune – Very nice trinket! Gotta Love that haste and SP proc?! Yes, please!

Trinket – Tears of the Vanquished – Its a healer trinket, but 84 INT is better than nothin. I think slowfall could proc that effect…

Ahn’kahet: The Old Kingdom
Neck – Necklace of Taldaram – drops off of Prince Teldaram at 19% – great SP and very nice +hit

Shoulders – Mantle of Echoing Bats – Very nice Shoulders off of Herald Volazj. Good drop rate, but no +hit

Belt – Charmed Silken Cord – decent belt from Anub’arak, good drop rate but no +hit

Back – Shroud of Akali – Great cloak with =hit and Sp. good drop rate off of Gal’darah.

Utgarde Pinnacle
Off Hand – Seal of Valgarde – very nice off hand, though no +hit. Drops off of Gortok Palehoof.

Halls of Lightning
Wand – Ancient Measuring Rod – awesome wand with +hit! Drops off of Loken

Chest – Raiments of the Titans – great chest peice. No +hit, but a lovely yellow socket can fix that. Drops off of Loken

Back – Cape of Seething Steam – Great cloak with +hit and Sp with a decent drop rate off of Volkhan

Head – Volkhan’s Hood – nice head piece, but no +hit drops off of Volkhan

Violet Hold
Hands – Lava Burn Gloves Drops off of Lavanthor. Great SP and +hit

Of course there are plenty of great Caster DPS drops in most dungeons but above are the best of the best, and all the ones with +hit. I would recomend avoiding nexus, halls of stone, utgarde keep and drak’Tharon keep. Those dungeons really dont have much to offer a clothie DPS.


Neck – Emeline’s Locket – is obtainable from this quest chain in Icecrown. Lots of +hit and a great Yellow slot!

Off Hand – Bomecaster’s Endgame – decent Off hand quest reward in Icecrown

Back – Polished Protodrake Cloak – Quest reward from this quest in Sholozar Basin. A really fun quest, too. No +hit but everything else you could want.

Wand – Wand of Blinding Light – But Mandrus, Thats a GREEN item. Damn Skippy this little emerald gem is awesome. Its a reward from this quest in Dragonblight.

Finger – Ring of Temerity – Pretty Nice Ring. No +hit, but otherwise a good choice. Reward from this quest in Coldarra

Well thats it for now. But this should certainly get you up to level to do Heroics and you could probably eek by in Naxx if you know your proper spell rotation. Thank you for bearing with me. If you have any suggestions please make comments. Good Hunting!



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