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So I get asked what my opinion is on stat priority for mages a decent amount. To that end I thought I’d put together a post containing my thoughts on the matter. It’s not cut and dry for sure. A lot depends on your spec and what you value. I’ve touched on it in previous posts, but only discussing priority of the big ones (hit cap first!). But there are two stats that are fairly ambiguous in their value to a mage. Hast and Crit. So here goes.


Haste, simply put, decreases the casting time of your spells. At lvl 80 you need 32.79 Haste rating to give you a 1% casting time decrease. Now this gets a little wonky. 1% is a nice number, but 1% of a 3sec casting time spell is a lot more time off that a 1.5sec cast time spell. So typically Haste is a little better for rotations that include longer cast time spells. To that end it is perhaps a little better for Arcane and Fireball/ Frostfire specs.

This also comes with a bit of a caveat. More haste means you eat through your mana pool faster.  That being said, when you get to higher tiers of gear your mana pool is going to get larger and larger. That means that the better gear you have the more the benefits of Haste become clear. It’s all well and good to be casting nearly instant Frostbolts because you stack tons of haste, but it does you no good if you run out of mana in a minute flat.

I think Haste really shines in Arcane builds. Arcane Blast is just long enough that you will see a nice benefit from Haste. It is perhaps the best stat (short of Hit until cap) for Arcane mages. It is super valuable for Fire mages as well, Fireball and Frostfirebolt have very long cast times, but the 2 major Fire specs also have a heavy reliance on crit, so that should be priority one, but haste is a close runner-up.


Crit is the best stat for new mages. At lvl 80 you need 45.91 crit rating for 1% of critical strike chance. Crit is a straight up dps increase without Haste’s extra mana cost. If you are just starting out as a lvl 80 mage of ANY spec Crit is king. It will hands down give you more bang for your buck. As an early raiding mage you will probably have a lot of issues with your mana pool. It comes with the turf. As you progress to higher and higher tiers of gear you will have less problems with running OOM. But even then Crit is super important. Especially if you are deep into the fire tree (for whatever reason) Crit is important. The more instant cast Pyroblasts you can knock out the better.  And who doesn’t like to see those big numbers popping up all over? It’s probably the most satisfying stat.


I would recommend stacking Crit until you are rolling in mostly ilvl 232 and up gear (which should be quick in 3.3). Then go for a balance of Haste and Crit. So here is the TLDR version:

  • New Mages should focus on Crit untill you are able to last a long time without mana issues on a raid boss
  • Fireball/ Frostfire Mages always like Crit best, though Haste should never be ignored
  • Arcane Mages like Haste best, but Crit’s large numbers popping up on your screen are so pretty (especially a missle-barraged AM with a crit on each missile. Nothing. More. Satisfying.)
  • Frost Mages like Crit best, but should have a liberal amount of Haste sprinkled in.

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So, despite frost being “not Raid viable” as DPS goes, I still do it from time to time. Frost does bring some nice raid utility, but in my guild’s 25 mans all that fancy viability isnt needed. We got a warlock bringing the spell crit debuff, a ret pally and some hunters for Replenishment and a bunch of other mages for AI, tables and Portals. I wouldnt be caught dead Rading Frost on a progression encounter, for that I’ll stick with Arcane. But there are times when you need a break. You know its okay to switch to Frost spec when all the drops off of a boss in a Raid are going to D/E (I’m looking at you Ulduar!).

With 3.3 Coming, Frost will be come a little bit less laughable in a raiding environment. To that end I am going ot compare my current Frost Raiding spec to the one I will be using come 3.3, and discuss the differences and where the newly needed points will come from.

For more info on Mage Raiding Specs and Rotations check out this post I made earlier.

So lets look at what a Frost Raiding Build looks like in 3.2.2:

3.2.2 Frost Raiding Spec (18/0/53)

So this spec goes into Arcane for Torment The Weak , but also picks up a few useful odds and ends while in there (Arcane ConcentrationFocus Magic and Magic Absorbtion). But ultimately it is Torment the Weak (TTW) that brings us to arcane, That extra 12% damage is invaluable and will remain so into 3.3.

A majority of this spec goes into the Frost Spec (duh!). I want to touch on a few Frost Talents that make the spec. I’m going to gloss over the big duh Talents. It’s a given that you should take the ones that increase the damage of frost spells and the haste of Frostbolt, but some talents are a little more abstract.

  • Permafrost – The ability to reduce a bosses heals is invaluable. It is a fairly situational occurence, but Wrath has a fair share of bosses that have some form of healing. Being able to reduce that Healing by 20% is amazing even if no one realizes you are doing it.
  • Fingers of Frost and Frostbite – These two Talents are intrinsically linked. This post on the official forums explains it far better than I can. In this 3.2.2 build you dont need Frostbite. you are essentially going to ignore Fingers of Frost procs as you are just going to continue using Frostbolt, only it has an increased crit chance.
  • Cold as Ice – Reducing the cool down of your water elemental is key. In 3.2.2 you want your icy little dude out as much as possible. The water elemental is responsible for a very decent amount DPS for a frost mage and keeping him out as much as possible, and keeping him alive, is key to maintaining top DPS.

The rest of the talents are fairly self-explanatory. Increased Damage this, increased crit that, you get the point. Just keep spamming that Frostbolt button and you’ll do all right for yourself.

So what changes in 3.3? What kind of spec will I be rolling with?

3.3 Frost Raiding Spec (18/0/53)

Same numbers, but there are some key differences. In 3.3 Deep Freeze becomes important. Now besides being nice for PvP, it will also do a very sizable chunk of damage to targets that are permanently immune to stun (read: Raid Bosses). This means that you wont just be spamming Frostbolt untill your fingers fall off. Now on every Fingers of Frost proc you will also toss out a Deep Freeze. This alone should be a sizeable increase in Frost DPS, but the fun doesnt stop there!

There will be a new Glyph for your Water elemental. Here is the PTR Link. Glyph of Eternal Water will make it so your Water Elemental is permanent.  Sure he looses his AoE freeze, but thats almost useless in raids anyways. This makes a big difference on talent expenditure. Now Cold as Ice only really reduces Cold Snap, which is nice, but makes a minimum impact on DPS if it isnt taken in 3.3. I mean on any given boss fight you are only going to be able to use this once in most cases. Also a large part of Enduring Winter is useless too. One point in it is really enough to keep Replenishment up at all times, as you will still be spamming the heck out of Frostbolt.

These changes aren’t enough to make Frost the new hotness, but it is a huge boon to Mage Frost Raiding. The best part is there will be very little effect in PvP. PvP frost probably wont take the glyph, because that AoE freeze is invaluable there, and in PvP no one is permanently immune to stuns. Don’t be surprised if you are asked to change to another spec for progression raiding, but now you shouldn’t be embarrassed to be casting Frostbolts in a raid!

Good Hunting!

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As a mage there are a few things that we can bring to the table in raids (beside jaw-dropping, meter-smashing dps). Many classes offer Raid utility, and mages are no different. Part of the whole ‘bring the player not the class’ mentality that blizzard subscribes to means there is (almost) always overlap in these utilities. Below I will talk about each one and the overlap it shares with other classes.

There are three utilities, however, that are not shared with anyone else. The lovely Arcane Brilliance, Portals and Ritual of Refreshment. The intelligence from Arcane Brilliance is an incredible buff for mages whether soloing or in a group. Can’t beat more mana and more spell crit, right? It is an incredible boon to all that group with mages too, and is perhaps the single biggest reason to bring a mage to a raid. It lets the casters dps longer and more effectively and lets the healers heal more, which is great! Of course it doesnt buff everyone. I’m reasonably certain warriors, rogues and feral druids dont benefit at all, but thats their loss, big dumb brutes. Some people have no refinement!

Portals are only slightly considered a raid utility. It’s nice to get everyone out and back to a city after raiding. I think a lot of people run around and gem and enchant the gear they just got after raiding. So a quick port to Dalaran and they can hit the bank and then run to a city to hit the AH and they can still hearth back to Dal when it is all done. So it’s not a huge buff to a group, but it is one of the biggest perks of playing a mage for me.

Of course, everyone benefits from Ritual of Refreshment! The largest of which is WoW’s gyms and diet plan companies across Azeroth! If I look back at all the Mana Strudel I have sucked down in the past, I cringe! I think mages are the single group of people responsible for Diabetes and Fatness across Azeroth. Its a terrible cycle, we raid to burn calories but burn health and mana too, so we are forced to eat more strudel! I kid, anyways, its nice to be able to refill mana and health after a boss falls, and its even better when you dont have to pay cash for it. It certainly isnt a huge raid benefit, but it is nice.

So now for the overlap. in 3.2.2 (when I am writing this) there are two buffs that us mages can talent into. The first is an almost necessary buff for those fights that are tougher or just in raids with a lot of dps casters. I’m talking about Imp. Scorch and Winter’s Chill. There is overlap here with each other and a Destro Warlock’s Imp. Shadowbolt. I am not sure if it is considered a must for non destruction warlocks to take, but I think it is personal preference, I’ll not guess at the minds of warlocks, thats spooky stuff.

So what does this mean? Well in a standard raiding setup there is probably going to be a Mage and a Warlock. I have heard that Destro is one of the top raiding builds so if you have a destro lock you dont have to worry about speccing into either of those mage talents. There is also (in 3.2.2) a very good chance you will not be raiding with a Frost mage. They just cant put up competitive dps. I can just break 3k dps as a frost mage, but thats 25man buffed. However all Frost mages will take Winter’s chill because of its other benefits, so if you see a Frost mage and you are Fire you don’t have to worry about Imp. Scorch. Since Imp. Scorch provides NO other benefit there isnt much of a reason to take it. However if you do find yourself being the only person in your regular raid group you may consider taking the Glyph of Imp. Scorch. It makes being the Scorcher all the more easy. The only benefit, really,  is a slight dps increase (since you dont lose dps casting scorch 5 times) and if you ever can’t reapply the 5 stack because of moving or other boss mechanics you dont have to cast it 5 times again. That being said, I dont find casting scorch 5 times to be that bad, and it is pretty easy watching the debuff if you are paying attention. As a Frostfire or Fireball mage there are many other glyphs that will increase your dps more.

The last buff a Mage can bring is Replenishment. This is a Frost only ability that is applied passively by casting Frostbolts when you have specced into the Enduring Winter talent waaaay down the Frost tree. For 3.2.2 its a must to keep your elemental out as much as possible and to justify raiding as Frost. Replenishment is also applies by Survival Hunters, Ret Pallies, and Shadowpreists so there is a good chance someone else is applying it. But Replenishment only effects 10 people in your raid so a 25 man raid of all mana user would need 3 replenishers to make sure its up on everyone all the time. It’s more than likely you will only need 2 though. Also the other replenishers above dont need to lose a lot of dps by speccing into replenishment. Only Frost is poor in comparison to the other dps specs available to potential replenishers.

Also a note for the future:
Word has it that 3.3 will make Frost a viable DPS spec (woooot!). I am totally raiding Frost as soon as 3.3 hits. Also Arcane will be providing a Spell damage debuff to mobs as well. Last I heard it was 3% spell damage passivly just from casting normal Arcane spells. So who knows what the future will hold for Mage’s Raid utility.

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Once you hit 80 there are essentially 4 Talent specs to choose from. There is one per talent tree and one major variation. This isn’t meant to be a comprehensive guide to all the specs. As you get settled in your spec of choice you will want to try variations. I will be giving sample specs and talking a little about each one as well as giving the standard rotations for each. In each spec I have made sure to take all the DPS increasing talents as well as some of the ‘optional’ talents with the points left over. So here it goes:

Arcane Spec (53/3/11)
Arcane is a great spec for a new mage. A lower hit cap (thanks to Precision in Frost and Arcane Focus) and a relatively  easy to pull off Spell Rotation make it the best to get rolling as a starting raider. 


  1. Arcane Blast x4
  2. If Missile Barrage Procs then cast Arcane Missiles (if it doesnt, keep casting Arcane Blast 2-3 more times until it procs and if it still hasnt just go with a standard Arcane Missiles or Arcane barrage if you are forced to move).
  3. Repeat 

Pretty easy, right? In mix matched Blues and Greens you should be able to hit about 2k DPS with this spec and rotation. The key thing is to keep an eye on your Arcane Blast debuff and watch for your Missle Barrage procs. With every Arcane Blast cast you have a higher chance to proc Missle Barrage. 9 times out of 10 you will get the proc before you cast your 4th Arcane Blast, but if not keep trying to get it to proc with Arcane Blasts. its not worth going too far without the proc, your mana will start going down fast, so dump the debuff with a Barrage or standard missles. When moving about make sure not to let your Arcane Blast debuff wear off. If you have to move because of a void cricle or some such boss mechanic, toss out an Arcane Barrage to use up the debuff.

Frostfire Spec (0/53/18)
Frostfire is the major variation I spoke of earlier. It is essentially a Fire build but goes into Frost to boost the main nuke of the build Frostfire Bolt. It is a solid spec that only came to being in WOLK. Pretty fun and slightly easier on Hit (thanks to Precision in the Frost tree) than its badder, hotter brother Fireball spec, but very similar. It doesn’t have a rotation as much as a Priority system, making it a bit more complicated than Arcane.


  1. Keep Living Bomb up at all times
  2. Keep the improved Scorch debuff up at all times. Scorch untill 5 stacks and maintain.
  3. When Hot Streak procs cast Pyroblast
  4. Cast Frostfire Bolt
  5. Repeat

It isn’t too complicated. It will take some time to practice keeping the debuffs up at all times, but when you can nail that Frostfire will shine. Another good thing about Frostfire is it’s one of the best soloing specs as is. The slow on your main nuke is great for keeping the baddies at bay, and a Pyroblast will half an enemy mob’s health bar easily.

Fireball TTW Spec (20/51/0)
This is one of the most damaging specs a mage can have. It comes at a big disatvantage. There isnt a single hit increasing talent in the build. You will need a whole bunch of hit before you even want to try this spec. It plays almost exactly like the Frostfire Bolt spec above, but you substitute Fireball for Frostfire Bolt. So if you have been getting lots of hit gear and are comfortable rolling Frostfire you will be at home here, and be doing more damage.  


  1. Keep Living Bomb up at all times
  2. Keep the improved Scorch debuff up at all times. Scorch untill 5 stacks and maintain.
  3. When Hot Streak procs cast Pyroblast
  4. Cast Fireball
  5. Repeat

It isn’t too complicated. It will take some time to practice keeping the debuffs up at all times, but when you can nail that Fireball will shine. Just stack that Hit and pew pew!

Frost Spec (18/0/53)
Though generally considered ‘not raid viable’ Frost can shine in select fights. More survivability, the most raid utility (replenishment, healing reduction from Permafrost, and Spell Crit increase debuff) and a friendly companion. I love love love frost. For now it wont do as much damage as any other specs, but a good frost mage can still rock good dps. You get some Hit increase (Precision) which is nice, but soloing takes a hit as to do the most damage you need to use the glyph of Frostbolt which removes the slowing effect.


  1. Cast Frostbolt

Yep, thats about it. Nice and simple. Try and keep your water elemental out whenever you can. If you are moving toss out some Ice Lances. 

So that is the 4 major specs for raiding as a mage. Out of the box those specs should work very well when following the rotation, but the only way you will become a better mage will be trying new specs and rotational variations. I hope these will provide a good starting point for your newly 80 (or freshly respecced) mage. Good hunting!

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Hitting that Hit Cap

What is the Hit Cap?

This is a summation of this article on http://www.wowwiki.com, slimmed down for clothies.

+hit gear increases your chance to hit, which becomes very important in raiding as bosses will be lvl 83. At that point you have a sizable chance to miss them without proper gear/ talents. Most classes have a talent in one of their trees that increases chance to hit so if possible take them, even if it means putting a couple points into a tree you wouldn’t normally. The numbers are rounded up so there is ABSOLUTELY no chance to miss.

Note: Having a Draenei in the party (a common occurance in Alliance Raiding) will increase your chance to hit. I sometimes rely on this happeneing to lessen the burden of +hit needed on my gear. Use your discretion, and remember to ask your raid leader to put you in a party with a Draenei if you do rely on it. Draenei numbers in parens after.

Here is some numbers based on class:

Keep in mind if you take NO talents to increase hit you will need a total of 446 hit rating to never miss (420 with a Draenei)


Mages have 2 talents that help them hit stuff:


Arcane Focus

There is no reason every mage spec (except Fireball Specs) shouldn’t go a little into the frost tree to get Precision. It frees up your gear wishlist to get more direct DPS stats. Precision increases the chance to hit with every spell you have as a mage. Arcane Focus only increases the chance to hit with arcane spells. So an arcane mage that gets Arcane Focus and Precision has a lot less +hit needed, and anyways they should pop into frost for Icy Veins anyways (IMHO).

Here are the Mage Numbers:

Mage with Arcane Focus OR Precision (but not both): 368 +hit for capping (342 with Draenei)

Mage with Arcane Focus AND Precision: 289 +hit for capping – with Arcane spells only (263 with Draenei)

It’s good to be arcane.

Shadow Priests

These guys get 2 talents that help to hit as well:

Shadow Focus


Shadow Focus is passive all the time +hit goodness, while Misery requires you to debuff the target. I don’t think there is any reason not to get both talents and keep the misery debuff up at all times, it helps the whole raid (well helps those slackers that haven’t hit capped yet)…

Here are the numbers (with a Draenei in parens after):

Shadow Priest with Shadow Focus OR Misery debuff up: 368 +hit for capping (342 with Draenei)

Shadow Priest with Shadow Focus AND Misery debuff up: 289 +hit for capping (263 with Draenei)


Those spooky curse spewing ‘locks have 2 talents as well, but they don’t stack, unfortunately.



I have no idea how vaulable any lock spec is for raiding, but either way here are the numbers for either affliction or destruction (with Draenei in parens after):

Warlock with Cataclysm OR Suppression: 368 +hit for capping (342 with Draenei)

As a new lvl 80 you will probably find your self Gemming for hit at first. This isnt a bad thing. As you get to higher and higher Raiding tiers keeping at the Hit cap will be come easier.

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MANDRUS’ Guide to Cloth Gearing for Alliance (WoW version 3.2.2) 

Or how I hit the hit cap and still went pew pew!

All right, I am certainly no expert, but here goes my guide to getting some sweet DPS cloth loot before going to naxx and beyond. If you are one of those healy type people, you don’t belong here. This guide is for all you ranged DPS people that like to rain death from afar and are very squishy. Warning: I am a mage. That is all I know. The only thing I know about you other clothies is that you roll on the same loot that I do, and I don’t like you for that. That being said most of this guide will be completely relevant for all clothie DPS.

I’m going to break this down into a couple sections:

1. Ranged DPS Gear Basics
2. Throw Some Money At the Problem
3. Good Thing I Have So Much Time to Kill

1. Ranged DPS Gear  Itemization Basics

Many may disagree, but this is my priority in gear stats:
Hit > Spellpower > Haste > Crit > Mp5

Nothing screws your DPS more than missing your target! So hit that hit cap as soon as possible. Now, some may contend that crit is more important than haste, and that is certainly dependent on your play style and talent spec. So feel free to switch Haste and Crit around, but for me haste is boss.

Here is my priority for Attributes. This will be no surprise to most people.
Intellect > Stamina > Spirit

Intellect = more mana = more spells you can kapow enemies out before you need to suck down another mana struedel. So many Calories!

Stamina = less squishyness. But, yeah, no matter what you will still be squishy.

Spirit = USELESS. Well almost useless. As a raiding mage you should be using Molten Armor (with glyph) at all times. So Spirit does equal more crit and some mana regen, but you wouldnt be terribly screwed if you collected no Spirit on your gear. There is a good chance that a lot of the gear you will get will be lousy with spirit, anyways, just don’t go out of your way to stack it.

2. Throw Some Money At the Problem

There are two types of lvl 80s, rich and poor. The rich ones all ready have their epic flyer, maybe a couple mammoths and a brown bear riding mount. This section is for you. If you are poor, skip this section, unless you are a tailor, then you may be interested…

Here is some sweet gear you can either make (as a Tailor or Jewlcrafter) or throw a crap load of money at:
Chest – Ebonweave Robes – Very nice robes. it has everything an aspiring ranged DPS clothie could want. SP, Hit, and no Spirit! Buy it on AH or make it yourself.

Hands – Ebonweave Gloves – again very nice. SP, Hit, and no spirit!

Head – Hat of Wintry Doom – again, a pre naxx clothies dream, look at those sockets!!!!!!!!

Chest – Spellweave Robes – if you allready hit the Hit Cap check out this bad Larry. Haste is soooo sexy.

Hands – Spellweave Gloves – same as the robes. nice haste stats and SP, but no +hit…

Wrist – Black Duskweave Wristwraps – good stats, but no +hit…

Legs – Black Duskweave Leggings – not too bad, combine with the bracers for a little extra SP, but there are much better drops.

Back – Death Chill Cloak a very nice back piece, though no +hit

Back – Wispcloak not as nice as the Death Chill Cloak, but not too bad. no +hit.

For those of you with a bunch of cash you can pick up a ring in dalaran. Once you get the base ring you can pay to upgrade it. To upgrade all the way to the ilvl 226 will be a total of 11,000 gold (thats with no rep discount. I am not sure if Kirin Tor rep applies, but I bet it does). Which is almost as much as an engineer crafted motorcycle. I personally would get bike first, mostly because you can get great rings through badges. Anyways here is the Cloth DPS rings:

Finger – Signet of the Kirin Tor > Inscribed Signet of the Kirin Tor > Etched Signet of the Kirin Tor – They are great rings and act like a back up hearthstone, but that is a lot of cash.

With the additions of new teirs of Raiding in WOLK come new craftin patterns. The Orbs can run pricy on AH, but getting them is the best way to be Raid ready in no time

Ulduar lvl Crafting – Runed Orbs ($$)

Feet – Spellslinger’s Slippers – Nice gem sockets and Runed Orbs are relativley affordable. A bunch of haste.

Feet – Savior’s Slippers – Again nice sockets, the only real difference from above is crit instead of haste.

Waist – Sash of Ancient Power – Hit and Haste and No Spirit? Yes Please!

Waist – Cord of the White Dawn – Spirit and Crit mean Healer gear usually but its a fine belt anyways.

ToC lvl Crafting – Crusader Orbs ($$$)

Horde and Alliance get different names and colors but the same stats and mats. I am linking the Alliance items, cause thats how I roll.

Chest – Royal Moonshroud Robe – Crit and Spirit, but so many sockets! and a great socket bonus too!

Chest – Merlin’s Robe – but this is where its at! OMG look at those stats – Clothie DPS dream come true!

Wrist – Royal Moonshroud Bracers – again healer stuff, but Its better than blues!

Wrist – Bejeweled Wizard’s Bracers – Drool worthy! The bracers version of the Merlin’s Robes.


Neck – Titantium Spellshock Necklace – won’t help you with +hit, but it got a nice socket and some decent stats.

Finger – Titantium Spellshock Ring – again, no hit, but nice stats and a red socket to boot.

Finger – Ring of Northern Tears – not fantastic, but thats very nice +hit.

BOE DROPS – check AH for em.

Shoulders – Dark Runic Mantle Drops in Halls of Stone trash mobs, but can be found on AH a lot. No +hit but still nice.

Off Hand – Prison Manifest – no +hit but still nice.

So, what happens when you are poor? The rich AH, the poor Grind…

3. Good Thing I Have So Much Time to Kill

Reputation Rewards

We will start off with Rep rewards by faction. So grab yourself a Tabard and get to it! Its always better to hit up heroics while championing, you get more rep per kill, but for now, just stick to the lvl 80 regular dungeons there are a couple drops for you anyways. I tried to put them in order of Priority.

Kirin Tor
These guys are the Ranged DPS’s best friend. They have great rewards including the best pre naxx dagger around. It pretty easy to get Rep with them. The Kirin Tor should be the first faction you rep grind with. Look at these beauties:

1 handed sword – Flameheart Spell Scalpel – this is why the Kirin Tor Rock! +hit, tons of Sp, crit and no spirit. its pretty cool looking to boot! Plus you can get it at revered!

Chest – Robes of Crackling Flame – You have to get exalted with them but its worth it. No +hit, but everything else is great.

Back – Shroud of Dedicated Research Very nice back peice, and you only have to be honored! No +hit, but its pretty nice!

Don’t forget to pick up Arcanum of Burning Mysteries while your at it.

Wyrmrest Accord
This is a decent faction to Rep with, there are a couple of good rewards…

Belt – Sash of the Wizened Wyrm – this is the real reason to grind rep with Wyrmrest. +hit, SP and great attributes. Best part is – you can get it at honored. If you don’t grind rep very far with them, at least get to honored.

Feet – Sandals of Crimson Fury – no +hit, but everything else screams “wear me!” Dont forget to pick up your socks of red anger. its too cold in Northrend to wear sandals with no socks…

Wrist – Ancestral Sinew Wristguards No super great, but pretty good. no +hit.

Also the Arcanum of Blissful mending is a decent head enchant…

Not to bad of a faction. I enjoyed all the questing i did for them, and there are some pretty good rewards…

1 Handed Mace – Totemic Purification Rod – decent for a shadow priest. good SP and haste….

Chest – Turtle-Minders Robe – very nice robe with +hit and SP. and you can get it at honored.

Knights of the Ebon Blade
The best part of repping with these chaps is their awesome tabard.

Waist – Belt of Dark Mending – No +hit, but still very nice!

Back – Dark Soldier Cape – +hit and decent SP. this is a steal, and you only need Honored with em.

The Oracles
These guys are great. I enjoy the dailies 9though i hate finding the shiny treaures. Totally worth grinding for if only for Mysterious Egg and a chance to get a green-protodrake or some sweet non combat pets. But the yoke will probably be on you.

Trinket – Oracle talisman of Ablution – pretty nice trinket. good crit and the mana reward is nice.

Belt – Fishy Cinch – pretty good belt, no +hit and wasted spirit, plus, it kinda smells…

Wand – Shinygem Rod – pretty good wand, though there are some better ones with hit…

Frenzyheart Tribe
Only thing more annoying then the oracles are the Frenzyheart tribe. but if you like em then check these out:

Trinket – Frenzyheart Insignia of Fury – A very nice trinket. haste and crit! Almost makes it worth it…

Hands – Muddied Crimson Gloves – the muddied part is that stoopid spirit…

Sons of Hodir
The Sons of Hodir hate clothies, but the dailies are fun and net you around 120g in only an hour or so work. Plus they have Really nice Shoulder enchants this Rep Grind is totally worth it, plus the story is great.

Shoulder Enchant – Greater Inscription of the Storm

Argent Crusade
There is only one thing these guys give you, but it’s not bad.

Finger – Signet of Hopeful Light – it may sound sissy, but its a pretty decent ring.

Alliance Vanguard
Good luck with the rep for these guys. Its a long road, but there is a couple okay rewards.

Off Hand – orb of the Eastern Kindgoms – A nice Off hand item. good haste and SP

Wand – Gnomish Magician’s Quill – Pretty good wand…

Allright! That wraps up Reputation Rewards! Now lets look at non heroic dungeon drops:

Non-Heroic Dungeon Drops

Crusaders’ Coliseum: Trial of the Champion
As soon as you turn 78 farm the hell out of this instance. There is no quicker way to get great gear by running instances.  And you can do it over and over and over untill you get all the gear you could want.

Neck – Brilliant Hailstone Amulet – great hit and a sweet socket.

Waist – Belt of the Churning Blaze – even more hit! now with less spirit!

Waist – The Confessor’s Binding – Meh, more healing gear, but better than a blue!

Wrist – Bindings of the Wicked – hit and crit cant go bad!

Wrist – Handwraps of Surrendered Hope – Kinda healer gear but a nice red socket .

Legs – Leggings of the Haggard Apprentice – Some decent pantaloons, but their spirit needs to be broken.

Shoulders – Mantle of Inconsolable Fear – Everything you could want except hit!

Finger – Signet of Purity – some spirit on it, but its a nice ring.

Trinket – Abyssal Rune – Very nice trinket! Gotta Love that haste and SP proc?! Yes, please!

Trinket – Tears of the Vanquished – Its a healer trinket, but 84 INT is better than nothin. I think slowfall could proc that effect…

Ahn’kahet: The Old Kingdom
Neck – Necklace of Taldaram – drops off of Prince Teldaram at 19% – great SP and very nice +hit

Shoulders – Mantle of Echoing Bats – Very nice Shoulders off of Herald Volazj. Good drop rate, but no +hit

Belt – Charmed Silken Cord – decent belt from Anub’arak, good drop rate but no +hit

Back – Shroud of Akali – Great cloak with =hit and Sp. good drop rate off of Gal’darah.

Utgarde Pinnacle
Off Hand – Seal of Valgarde – very nice off hand, though no +hit. Drops off of Gortok Palehoof.

Halls of Lightning
Wand – Ancient Measuring Rod – awesome wand with +hit! Drops off of Loken

Chest – Raiments of the Titans – great chest peice. No +hit, but a lovely yellow socket can fix that. Drops off of Loken

Back – Cape of Seething Steam – Great cloak with +hit and Sp with a decent drop rate off of Volkhan

Head – Volkhan’s Hood – nice head piece, but no +hit drops off of Volkhan

Violet Hold
Hands – Lava Burn Gloves Drops off of Lavanthor. Great SP and +hit

Of course there are plenty of great Caster DPS drops in most dungeons but above are the best of the best, and all the ones with +hit. I would recomend avoiding nexus, halls of stone, utgarde keep and drak’Tharon keep. Those dungeons really dont have much to offer a clothie DPS.


Neck – Emeline’s Locket – is obtainable from this quest chain in Icecrown. Lots of +hit and a great Yellow slot!

Off Hand – Bomecaster’s Endgame – decent Off hand quest reward in Icecrown

Back – Polished Protodrake Cloak – Quest reward from this quest in Sholozar Basin. A really fun quest, too. No +hit but everything else you could want.

Wand – Wand of Blinding Light – But Mandrus, Thats a GREEN item. Damn Skippy this little emerald gem is awesome. Its a reward from this quest in Dragonblight.

Finger – Ring of Temerity – Pretty Nice Ring. No +hit, but otherwise a good choice. Reward from this quest in Coldarra

Well thats it for now. But this should certainly get you up to level to do Heroics and you could probably eek by in Naxx if you know your proper spell rotation. Thank you for bearing with me. If you have any suggestions please make comments. Good Hunting!


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