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So I get asked what my opinion is on stat priority for mages a decent amount. To that end I thought I’d put together a post containing my thoughts on the matter. It’s not cut and dry for sure. A lot depends on your spec and what you value. I’ve touched on it in previous posts, but only discussing priority of the big ones (hit cap first!). But there are two stats that are fairly ambiguous in their value to a mage. Hast and Crit. So here goes.


Haste, simply put, decreases the casting time of your spells. At lvl 80 you need 32.79 Haste rating to give you a 1% casting time decrease. Now this gets a little wonky. 1% is a nice number, but 1% of a 3sec casting time spell is a lot more time off that a 1.5sec cast time spell. So typically Haste is a little better for rotations that include longer cast time spells. To that end it is perhaps a little better for Arcane and Fireball/ Frostfire specs.

This also comes with a bit of a caveat. More haste means you eat through your mana pool faster.  That being said, when you get to higher tiers of gear your mana pool is going to get larger and larger. That means that the better gear you have the more the benefits of Haste become clear. It’s all well and good to be casting nearly instant Frostbolts because you stack tons of haste, but it does you no good if you run out of mana in a minute flat.

I think Haste really shines in Arcane builds. Arcane Blast is just long enough that you will see a nice benefit from Haste. It is perhaps the best stat (short of Hit until cap) for Arcane mages. It is super valuable for Fire mages as well, Fireball and Frostfirebolt have very long cast times, but the 2 major Fire specs also have a heavy reliance on crit, so that should be priority one, but haste is a close runner-up.


Crit is the best stat for new mages. At lvl 80 you need 45.91 crit rating for 1% of critical strike chance. Crit is a straight up dps increase without Haste’s extra mana cost. If you are just starting out as a lvl 80 mage of ANY spec Crit is king. It will hands down give you more bang for your buck. As an early raiding mage you will probably have a lot of issues with your mana pool. It comes with the turf. As you progress to higher and higher tiers of gear you will have less problems with running OOM. But even then Crit is super important. Especially if you are deep into the fire tree (for whatever reason) Crit is important. The more instant cast Pyroblasts you can knock out the better.  And who doesn’t like to see those big numbers popping up all over? It’s probably the most satisfying stat.


I would recommend stacking Crit until you are rolling in mostly ilvl 232 and up gear (which should be quick in 3.3). Then go for a balance of Haste and Crit. So here is the TLDR version:

  • New Mages should focus on Crit untill you are able to last a long time without mana issues on a raid boss
  • Fireball/ Frostfire Mages always like Crit best, though Haste should never be ignored
  • Arcane Mages like Haste best, but Crit’s large numbers popping up on your screen are so pretty (especially a missle-barraged AM with a crit on each missile. Nothing. More. Satisfying.)
  • Frost Mages like Crit best, but should have a liberal amount of Haste sprinkled in.

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Hitting that Hit Cap

What is the Hit Cap?

This is a summation of this article on http://www.wowwiki.com, slimmed down for clothies.

+hit gear increases your chance to hit, which becomes very important in raiding as bosses will be lvl 83. At that point you have a sizable chance to miss them without proper gear/ talents. Most classes have a talent in one of their trees that increases chance to hit so if possible take them, even if it means putting a couple points into a tree you wouldn’t normally. The numbers are rounded up so there is ABSOLUTELY no chance to miss.

Note: Having a Draenei in the party (a common occurance in Alliance Raiding) will increase your chance to hit. I sometimes rely on this happeneing to lessen the burden of +hit needed on my gear. Use your discretion, and remember to ask your raid leader to put you in a party with a Draenei if you do rely on it. Draenei numbers in parens after.

Here is some numbers based on class:

Keep in mind if you take NO talents to increase hit you will need a total of 446 hit rating to never miss (420 with a Draenei)


Mages have 2 talents that help them hit stuff:


Arcane Focus

There is no reason every mage spec (except Fireball Specs) shouldn’t go a little into the frost tree to get Precision. It frees up your gear wishlist to get more direct DPS stats. Precision increases the chance to hit with every spell you have as a mage. Arcane Focus only increases the chance to hit with arcane spells. So an arcane mage that gets Arcane Focus and Precision has a lot less +hit needed, and anyways they should pop into frost for Icy Veins anyways (IMHO).

Here are the Mage Numbers:

Mage with Arcane Focus OR Precision (but not both): 368 +hit for capping (342 with Draenei)

Mage with Arcane Focus AND Precision: 289 +hit for capping – with Arcane spells only (263 with Draenei)

It’s good to be arcane.

Shadow Priests

These guys get 2 talents that help to hit as well:

Shadow Focus


Shadow Focus is passive all the time +hit goodness, while Misery requires you to debuff the target. I don’t think there is any reason not to get both talents and keep the misery debuff up at all times, it helps the whole raid (well helps those slackers that haven’t hit capped yet)…

Here are the numbers (with a Draenei in parens after):

Shadow Priest with Shadow Focus OR Misery debuff up: 368 +hit for capping (342 with Draenei)

Shadow Priest with Shadow Focus AND Misery debuff up: 289 +hit for capping (263 with Draenei)


Those spooky curse spewing ‘locks have 2 talents as well, but they don’t stack, unfortunately.



I have no idea how vaulable any lock spec is for raiding, but either way here are the numbers for either affliction or destruction (with Draenei in parens after):

Warlock with Cataclysm OR Suppression: 368 +hit for capping (342 with Draenei)

As a new lvl 80 you will probably find your self Gemming for hit at first. This isnt a bad thing. As you get to higher and higher Raiding tiers keeping at the Hit cap will be come easier.

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